2020 Fund-A-Need


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Fund for the Future Including special response to the COVID-19 pandemic impact

At SDFAS, our families, faculty, staff, and supporters form a uniquely diverse community. With over forty nationalities and twenty different home languages, what binds us together? The term solidarity comes to mind. We, as a community, share these common goals: the education and well-being of our children and their teachers.

You have supported important initiatives to maintain our values of diversity, culture, and staff support. Today, we give our thanks ahead. We salute families helping other families. We thank our faculty for rapidly adjusting to a new world. Importantly, we hold up our children as the centerpiece of this effort; the generation that are being educated inside and outside of school to face and craft a post-COVID-19 world with grace, resilience and global sensitivity. We humbly return to our community to strengthen our Fund for the Future in support of Financial Aid beyond 2020 and ongoing Professional Development needs.

Financial aid is essential to ensure our children experience a culturally, linguistically, and socio-economically diverse student body. Increased financial aid and financial hardship assistance to families significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic will enable us to enroll and retain students who have been, and will be, successful in our program, and who could not otherwise attend or continue to attend SDFAS. Additionally, tuition remission for the children of faculty and staff enhances diversity in the classroom and, as an employee benefit, allows us to attract and retain highly qualified and highly invested team members. Increased levels of financial aid will enable us to maintain our current tuition remission level for teachers.

Professional Development is crucial to ensuring that our children are mentored and inspired by expert educators. The COVID-19 crisis has taught us that circumstances can change at lightning speed, and our educators must respond in kind by expanding and adjusting their skill set today and for the future. In a world that is ever changing, and with teaching approaches that are constantly evolving, we must focus not only on being prepared, but also on staying one step ahead of the curve.

We can achieve so much as a community. Let us unite and continue to provide our children with a dynamic education that cultivates bilingual academic success, emotional intelligence, and global citizenship. With the support of everyone in our SDFAS community, these goals can continue to be achieved for our children as well as for our faculty and staff.

Thank you to:
Adrien Rahmati
Allison Owens
Amanda Coalier
Ana Patricia Soto
Ana Walsh
Andrea Bitar
Anne-emilie Gold
Annica Martensson
Artun Kutchuk
Bianca Romero
Chrysa Mineo
Elisabeth M Perdereau
Emanuele Busnelli
Emi Ayala-Sekiguchi
Emiline Cairncross
Erica Murphy
Etienne Chaponniere
Federico Garibaldi
Fernanda Coelho
Genevieve Tremblay-Jacobs
Janice Murabayashi
Jennifer Silver
Joshua Peterson
Judy Persky
Kurt Oreshack
Kyndra Leach
Lisa Hiller
Mark E Rosenblum
Mary Pastore
Mary Raeburn
Michelle & Peter Landin
Mireille Desrosiers
Muazzam Azamov
Nathalie Garcia Jasso Soto
Nolwenn Garcia Jasso Soto
Pam Godde
Paris Cameron
Parker Gregg
Peter Westlake
Rebecca Rosen
Rick Yamada
Scott Crosby
Scott Reed
Seiji Ayala-Sekiguchi
Serge Brachet
Sharron Turner Rudden
Soheil Rahmati
Stacia Balog
Stéphanie Labbé
Tania Marek
Tawfik Jalil
Teresa Sekiguchi
Truc Lambright
Valerie C Asensio
Veronique Rahmati
Yuliya Valkanov